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Many people have that one person who they admire, their mentor in other words, that helps them through thick, and thin, that believes in them when no one else does. That one person that, other then yourselves, you feel that you know inside and out, that’s a true admiration to you. It is the one person who you admire so deeply that you feel that you share a common mind, in many cases but not in all. It is hard to think that one person can change the way you think in common life that will impact your life in the future. There may be more than one person that you hold so closely to yourself. In many cases it’s not admiration you have toward that person but shear respect. It can be because of the many achievements they have acquired or because they have changed the world to a better place, or a place that you like personally better than before. To me there has to be three people that inspire me deeply. You may see my option as biased due to the fact that these three people are part of my family. These three extraordinary girls are my beautiful sisters and I can say that with pride and honor. Many may say that there siblings are their mentors, but for…show more content…
She believes in me so much that I’m afraid of disappointing her, by doing something she doesn’t approve of. She believes that I have so much potential that it’s hard to think that I can be like her. She’s as strong as a person and I admire that she’s not afraid of a challenge, but sometimes being compared to her, hurts. She has accomplished so much to be only twenty-three years old. She has already got her degree in the area that she loves. She works so hard that it’s so different in my eyes. She been the first of my family to actually move out of Calexico and pursue her dreams. It’s a true honor to be able to call her my sister when I know sometimes I don’t deserve that honor. I love her much and she will always be my mentor at

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