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Jasmine Chacko October 3, 2012 X02638963 Honors Philosophy Man’s Search for Meaning By: Viktor E. Frankl Unlike most books I’ve read about the Holocaust, Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning focuses not on how or why people in the concentration camps died but why they were able to survive such horrors. Through Frankl’s analysis of his own experiences as well as those of Jews around him, it is evident that the search for meaning is a mystery. It is internal to the self, thereby making it something that only the individual can reflect on. Furthermore, it has no final answer yet keeps the individual in a state of awe and wonder. Frankl focuses on the intriguing idea that everything can be taken way from an individual except for their willpower. You can’t accept that it is your fate to die because then your inevitable death will come…show more content…
While some prisoners traded in their inner moral compass in order to increase their own chances of survival, very few men stayed true to their values of compassion and honesty. On page 65 and 66, we hear the stories of extraordinary men who walked through the barracks comforting others and giving away their last piece of bread, thereby overlooking their own motives for self-preservation. Although it is human nature to only look out for yourself, Frankl sees the beauty in the kind souls who stay true to their ethics and values despite extreme situations in the Holocaust. I believe that actions such as these restore Frankl’s faith in humanity, providing him yet another reason to live. It was amazing to read about Frankl’s struggles during the Holocaust and the resulting insights that he provides in his memoir. Although many indications pointed towards his death, Frankl’s experience with truth, love, and goodness became his incentives to survive and be victorious over human

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