What Does It Take to Be a Leader

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Page 3 What does it take to be a leader? Pages 4-5 Leadership Challenges Pages 5-9 Conclusion Page 10 Works Cited Page 11 INTRODUCTION How you ever felt compelled to act a certain way or accomplish a task that you wouldn’t normally strive to take on by yourself? If your answer is yes, than chances are you were being influenced by a great leader. Most people can think of a time in their lives when they have experienced the influence of a thriving leader. Many people attempt to understand what methods or actions are involved in becoming a magnificent leader. Leadership is a phenomenon that has been vastly studied and seldom understood. There are many theories of how and why distinguished leaders are developed. The following information will provide an explanation of the theories and methods that it takes to be a successful leader. It will also focus on the challenges that leaders face in today’s organization. The challenges that will be discussed include understanding the traits and behaviors of flourishing leaders, determining when to use those behaviors in different situations, understanding the emotional and intellectual capabilities of leadership, being an ethical leader, and motivating others to accomplish organizational goals. WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE A LEADER? Leadership is a concept that has been observed since ancient times. It wasn’t until the twenty century that we began to try to define and understand the concept and devolvement of
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