What Does It Mean to Leave Well?

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What Does it Mean to Live Well? Amy Standing Living well has no proper definition and can vary depending on who you ask however; we truly know it is often doing what makes you happiest. William Wordsworth once said “come forth, and bring with you your heart that watches and receives” in his poem called “The Tables Turned”. We can take from this that in order to live well and find happiness we need to adventure out and be open to learning and trying new things. The Character Peter from the film Finding Neverland helps us to understand the importance of doing this . Peter is a young boy that belongs to the Davies family. He meets a man names James Barrie who through events teaches Peter the main aspect of living well is being open to creativity and using your imagination. In the beginning of Finding Neverland Peter could be described as opinionated, boring, detached, unhappy, and unimaginative. Although, these words may seem harsh, at first Peter fit them perfectly. An example of this can be shown through the line “This is absurd. Its just a dog!” said by Peter as Mr. Barrie was putting on a play for him and his brothers at the park. We can see from this line that Peter almost refuses to try and use his imagination when the film first begins. Later on in the movie we learn that the reason for this is because he lost his father to cancer and when he was sick his mom lied to him saying he’d take them fishing in the next week. Through this he began to have the opinion that using your imagination was just a way of hiding from the truth. When his mother gets sick he gets upset and say to James “All you get me to do is make up stupid stories and pretend things aren’t happening!” This quote allows us to see that he is still holding onto the grudge of his fathers death and refuses to get passed it and start using his

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