What Does It Mean To Be Tried As Adults Essay

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Justice Over 200,000 teens have been tried as adults and many of them have been sentenced to death. Is this fair? Do teens even qualify to be charged or sentenced as if they were adults if they committed a crime, even if it’s murder? According to recent studies, teens below the age of eighteen are not competent to be charged in adult court for various reasons. To begin, teenagers have an undeveloped brain that acts very similar to those of “seriously impaired” adults (Krikorian 39). According the article “Many Kids Called Unfit for Adult Trial…” by Greg Krikorian, “Thousands of juveniles tried as adults in the U.S. may be incompetent to stand trial because they are emotionally or intellectually unable to contribute to their own defense.” The brain of a teenager experiences major loss of brain tissue that controls their cognitive development, or the ability to control impulses, risk-taking, and self control (Thompson 45-46). This means that even though their accountability is not affected, teens still cannot control their erratic…show more content…
This is definitely not a good combination. If a house is on fire, you don’t pour more gasoline into it; thus, why are teens allowed all of these defective influences at such a crucial point in their brain development? These violent TV shows and video games are what give teens the idea to commit crimes. They spend hours sitting in front of the monitor, impetuous of what is put into their heads. Twelve year old Lionel Tate was supposedly imitating his World Wrestling Federation heroes when he beat to death a six year old girl. Thomas Preciado, also claimed to be mimicking a TV program about two girls that robbed a bank when he stabbed to death a minimart clerk (Lundstrom 43). Now with things like this to be influencing young teens, how are they to know any

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