What Does It Mean to Be an American

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The defining quality of being an American is the right to freedom and liberty. Though other countries may value freedom and liberty just as highly as we do, America is arguably the pioneer of modern democracy. While an ‘American’ literally refers to an inhabitant of the United States of America, there are certain prominent and undeniable aspects defined by society as ‘American.’ The word ‘Americans’ is accompanied by numerous stereotypes; some, if not many, of which are factual. It is socially acceptable to pay four dollars every morning for a cup of Starbucks coffee. It’s ok for 13 year old girls, influenced largely by the liberal media and their distorted views, to wear makeup and idolize talentless teenage actors on the Disney channel. Americans commonly voice their own opinions; freedom of speech allows us to do so. However, opinions concerning politics are redundant if we’re under 18 or ineligible to vote. Freedom of speech has paved the way for more and whinier politically correct left wingers. Freedom in America is a paradox if you think about it; our self-proclaimed ‘land of opportunity’ isn’t much different than any other country. Like everyone else, there are exceptions to our freedom. Explicit language is banned from public television and radio. I cannot (legally) consume an alcoholic beverage until I’m 21. Pornography requires a government grant. Of course all these laws are in place for a reason, but it goes to disprove the misguided views of those who believe Americans are truly free. Well....America was formed on the idea that religion and speech should not be controlled by the government. The success of the American revolution motivated the French to overthrow there government, the basic ideas of the constitution, (seperation of powers, freedom of speech) [originally european thinkers' ideals] were the

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