What Does It Mean to Be Successful in College

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Kara English A Tues. Thurs. 9:30-10:50 am Prof. Breese 22, February 2013 What does it mean to be Successful in College? What does it mean to be successful in college? Most college students would probably say being successful in college is going to a lot of parties, meeting a lot different people, getting all A’s or having fun all the time; but that’s not true. To be successful in college you should self discipline, have fun with learning and studying, and be an over achiever. Self discipline according to thefreedictionary.com is having the training and control of oneself and one's conduct, usually for personal improvement. With school the way I have self discipline is when I finish an assignment I give myself a reward for finishing it, and when I don’t finish it I take something that I like or like to do away until I finish the assignment. Having self discipline not only helps you do better in school it also helps you do better in life. You won’t only use self discipline in school but you might also use it at your job or with housework. When studying for a test or reviewing class notes it can tend to be boring and have you not want to do it. So what you can do is make a game out of it and give yourself a reward for getting the right answer based on what you chose to do. Whenever I’m studying for a test or reviewing what I learned in class I make flash cards. I write a vocabulary word on one card and the definition on another card then I make a matching game. I write down how many I get right and how many I get wrong, for each one I get wrong I place them aside and review them again after I finish the game. For each one I get right I provide a reward. Having fun with studying and learning teaches you to enjoy the classes your taking and what you’re learning instead of boring you and make you not want to review or do the assignment. Being an over achiever

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