What Does It Mean To Be Rich?

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What does it mean to be rich? “I want to be rich” is a phrase we hear far too frequently. Being rich is not an amount, an income, or a lifestyle. It’s not about showing off. It’s not about envying and wishing. It’s about doing what’s important to you. Many of us take for granted the things that we have access to today that people back in the Middle Ages would gladly appreciate. I mean most of us have more than we could ever need in this lifetime. We come home, open the door and turn on the lights. There are people in other countries that don’t have that luxury. And while we are talking about luxuries, let’s add running water, clean clothes, three meals a day, and the list goes on. To be rich, is to have a mentality of being happy with what you do have rather than wanting more of what you don’t have, like appreciating the presence of a significant other, family members, rather than wanting material thing, such as, cars, clothes, and mansions. It’s not just about having more money because there are many millionaires that are living miserable lives. They have so much money in their bank accounts yet they are not happy people. Many of them have to constantly watch their backs fearing that one day a close relative or a close friend might try and take everything they own. Moreover, If you’re live within your means and have more than is necessary to survive, than in my opinion, you are rich. In many ways, money can truly make life more comfortable, and secure. It can give you unusual access to certain places and people; you’ll never otherwise have met. Yet having money might not bring the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that should normally accompany the attainment of true
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