What Do You Feel Is a Leader’s Most Important Trait and Why? Essay

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My personal philosophy about what being a leader is is that I need to be inspiring. This is because I believe in the potential of people that I work with. So if I’m not inspiring and people do not feel that I believe in them, they cannot rise up to the challenge and by extension, above themselves. So if I have to state one more important characteristic of a leader, it would be that he has to be inspirational. I say this in the context of running a business, not political or social change wise. In a business setting, the leader needs to be a good orchestrator because you cannot do everything yourself. You need a team of people. Once you have that you need to recognise the capabilities, attitudes, strengths and knowledge of the individual members of your team. Then you need to find a way to orchestrate such that they don’t kill each other and make great music together. Hence, the role of a leader is to be an orchestrator, or even a role of a facilitator because you’re trying to tap on the wisdom of the group. Once you are able to do those things, the next thing the leader has to be good at is to give directions. When people come together and they look to you for leadership and you’re not giving directions, they will wonder if they really want to follow you. As a leader you definitely need to lead. It also depends on the context, the people and your whole personality. I don’t think there is an ideal personality for leadership for leaders. However, leaders definitely need to be authentic. You need to know yourself and be comfortable with who you are. You also need to have strategies based on your personality. Nothing beats being honest to yourself. You can pretend to be Steve Jobs or someone else but if it’s not really you, then people will see right through you. So if you’re authentic, you recognize your own strengths and weaknesses, then you can really work

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