What Do You Believe Was the Most Important Impact of the Second World War on the World System?

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World War II was a unique event in human history because it gave a huge impact on human’s lives, the consequences has shaked the world. There are several effects to be focus on after World War II ended. This essay will discuss the impacts based on its politic, economic, and social and ideology before it determines which effect was the most important one. Politically, World War II had caused the rise and fall of powers that were involved in the war. The war had created the division of two superpowers; The Soviet Union and The United States. After 1945, the United States had become the leading power due to it’s military strength and economic advantages after the war and Soviet Union play it’s role to challenge the state’s power (Young & Kent: 2) due to it’s ideology of communism and wanted to expand their influence globally, in which the United States wanted to prevent this from happening because their idea was absolutely conflicted with the Soviet Union; capitalism (Young & Kent: 6). These two countries reshaped Europe and the world. In contrast, World War II also weakened Britain’s and France’s powers because both of these countries faced a devastated loss by the war especially Britain. Likewise, both of the powers had to dismantle their colonies and ended their overseas and territorial empire. The war had demonstrated the European’s weakness and in the post war, uprisings happened especially in the East Asia that major aim was to achieve independence from the rule of the European. Economically, World War II boosted the United States economy. It ended their Great Depression. This was because there were an increase in their productions and employments in the production of war supplies. For example the advertisement company during of the war also contributed to the United States economy because there were an increase of advert supply campaigns. The government
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