“What Do the Ten Commandments Say About Jewish (and Christian and Muslim) Beliefs in the Powers of God?” Essay

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“What do the Ten Commandments say about Jewish (and Christian and Muslim) beliefs in the powers of God?” The Ten Commandments demonstrate that Jewish, Christian and Muslim beliefs are similar in that God’s powers are that God’s powers are exceptional because there is only one God to be worshiped and he is the most powerful god for creating Earth itself. In adhering to the Ten Commandments, Jews, Christians and Muslims are surrendering to God’s supreme power and in turn, shall benefit in the afterlife. The Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions are all monotheistic and therefore they worship only one god. In these three religions, God is the only god that can be praised and worshiped according to the Ten Commandments. This is evident in Exodus, the First Commandment is, “I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt […]” From this statement, God is declaring his almighty power and complete authority over his followers. By declaring that he has brought his followers out of Egypt, God is declaring that the Jews, Christians and Muslims must honor and be faithful to him for helping them to freedom. It is also stated in the Ten Commandments, “[…] Thou shalt have no other gods before me”.2 This implies that God is unique and to worship other divinities would mean that one is rejecting his omnipotence. There is no other doctrine that can be compatible or compared to God, because he should be the only one that is believed in. By stating that his followers should have no other gods, God is proclaiming that Jews, Christians and Muslims should not believe in other religions that are not monotheistic. Since the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions only believe in one god, all the powers of a doctrine are invested in him. This means that God has supreme power and cannot be contested by anyone else. It is evident from the Ten Commandments

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