What Do Apes Daydream About

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Matthew Sultan Anthropology Ms. Davidson What do Apes Daydream About? I. Introduction In the 18th century, Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish Zoologist and Botanian published his first book, Systema Naturae (Nested Hierarchies, the Order of Nature: Carolus Linnaeus). The book is mostly about classification of animals. One of the classifications written in that book is the ‘primate’, which is mentioned to have three kinds of teeth, pendulous male genitalia, and etc; humans, are also included there. Humans, the creatures controlling the world, are together with apes in the same order. Further is even suspected, that humans are the peaks of ape’s evolution. It is said in a book written by Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species. Human has done a lot of things to change this earth to a better place: improving technologies, a great transportation system, education system, and others. A marvelous quality of brainpower is excruciatingly needed in order to do these. Putting aside the fact that those improvements consume numerous decades, human has proven that they possessed the brainpower to change the world. Asserting that bonobos, orangutans, gorillas, and monkeys are in the same order, with a lot of similar physical structures, are they smart as well? There are some sides that say no, some say their intelligences are just totally overestimated; however, I believe that apes are smart. Not as smart as humans, but smarter than average animals. Further, due to their intelligence, they tend to spend some of their time thinking and daydreaming, like us humans. III. Counter Argument In regard to apes’ intelligences, actually, I’m not going to raise my eyebrow if there are people who think that apes are just intellectually overestimated, due to their order classification. It is quite natural for me, if someone is confused because an animal is regarded superficially
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