What Cultural Factors Must U.S. Sports Franchises Overcome to Increase Popularity Abroad

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With today’s science we are getting closer and closer to predicting natural disasters, we have satellites and computer modeling to predict hurricanes, and meteorologist study and analyze weather patterns to try and predict floods and blizzards. But when a natural disaster does hit which economic system is best suited for handling this crisis? It is possible to argue this in two ways. Some say it would be possible for the market economy to handle this situation best, but then again some say that a command economy would be more efficient. The first argument would be that a command economy could move faster to deal with the effects of natural disaster. The government has the resources in order to help in natural disasters. In this instance the government would be in control and could simply order resources to the affected area. The second argument is that a market economy would handle the crisis best. The main argument here is that the government is slow and doesn’t work efficiently enough no matter how much power they have. In a market economy the people and large businesses such as Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s would be able to get supplies to the places that were hit faster than the government, since there would be more profit motivation. A socialist system has a division of labor and quotas that are issued. The system can concentrate efforts and resources on the major tasks required to aid in whatever disaster that needs help. For example, the earthquake that occurred in Haiti in January 2010, the socialist system would be able to gather the resources needed, such as food, shelter, medicine and building materials, and they distribute them where they are needed. The rule of supply and demand states that, changes in either supply or demand or both will impact market price. We all need a heater in our houses and businesses during the winter time. The demand for

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