What Contribution Did Stanhope Make in the Play Journey's End?

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What contribution did Stanhope make in the play the Journey’s End? Stanhope is the main character in the play “The Journey’s End”. He makes his presence known to all the other characters in the play and each one has their own views and connections to him. Stanhope is the company commander even though he is very young, even younger than some of the soldiers he commands, like Osborne for example who is about 40ish, but Osborne has great respect for Stanhope even though some people doubt his ability to lead. Another who respects him greatly is a new recruit named Raleigh who knows Stanhope because Stanhope was dating sister before the war and they had become good friends. Raleigh is young too and idolises Stanhope to the point that he would die for him. He thinks that he is a true hero. Is it really just a lucky coincidence that he wound up in Stanhope’s company? What is the likelihood of that? Stanhope is a very depressed character with a lot on his mind even though he looks like he has everything going for him being tall dark and handsome and upper class so he had a very good upbringing with a good education which led to him receiving a Military Cross and having a very high rank in the army even though he is very young. He is tired of spending everyday in rotten trenches waiting for almost certain death. But it is not fear that grips him, he is not afraid to die, he fears for his men because he is loyal and compassionate. Stanhope is a “capable drinker” although many say he is a bit of a drunkard because he does drink a lot! Some say he is a bit of eccentric with the way he acts and some think he is ruthless due to his high expectations and addiction to war, and that he is blinded by his commitment to the army that he ignores the fact his men are ill with neuralgia. But he isn’t afraid of dying and he believes his soldiers should stick it out
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