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What Constitutes Responsible Parenthood Essay

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  • on October 16, 2013
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What Constitutes Responsible Parenthood?
By Rocky Palmer
Baker College of Flint

What Constitutes Responsible Parenthood?

What constitutes responsible parenthood? There is no definitive answer to that question, although many have tried to define it. Responsible parenthood is in the eye of the beholder. From religious views to political views, everyone seems to define responsible parenthood as something completely different.

One definition of responsible parenthood that I find to be closest to an actual definition is sited in the RH Bill   which says that “responsible parenting is the will, ability, and commitment of parents through family planning” (RH Bill, 2012,para 3).   As a young parent in my teens, I found out just how much planning for parenthood would have eased the transition. Being thrust into being a father at a young age, I had no clue as to what it took to be a responsible parent.

Most of the religious views of responsible parenthood are of Catholic origins. In the Humanae Vitae, a book of Catholic beliefs and morals , The Pope defines responsible parenthood as” Both to deliberate and generous decision to raise a numerous family, and the decision to avoid for an indeterminate amount of time, a new birth”(Pope Paul, Humanae Vitae, 10). In more simple English I believe what they are saying is that responsible parenting means wanting to have many children, but knowing when the time is right. I feel that that is a good point, but not a very thorough definition.

In my own views responsible parenting includes many things, from not only deciding when to become a parent, but teaching your children strong morals and good behaviors. Many parents bring their children up differently, but the blueprints are similar. There are several ways to generate good morals and behaviors.   I would like to discuss some of these methods further as we go forward.

Responsible parents have a vision for their children. They foresee the future of their children....

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