What Circumstances Led To The Holocaust Essay

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Circumstances Leading to the Holocaust The Holocaust happened in very resent history. Yet it almost seems fanciful that an event to that magnitude could have taken place in recent history, hardly sixty years ago in a “civilized” country nonetheless. It is hard to pinpoint when the intentions of the Holocaust and extermination of millions of Jews happened. There are many circumstances that compiled to allow for the world to be able to completely ignore what was taking place in these death camps and for the German soldiers to carry out the orders. Germany was in a poor state at the time in it’s economy and it’s morale. Adolf Hitler also contributed to World War II but without the circumstances that formed him into the man he was perhaps the…show more content…
Circumstances helped form Adolf Hitler into the man he was. Without Hitler it is possible that the Holocaust may not have happened. The circumstances leading to his power and that developed his mind set on the Jewish people. Had circumstances been different and Hitler had been accepted to art school or the school of Architecture he had wanted to attend then perhaps the events that shape our world today would be much different. Hitler states the following on his time spent in Vienna: I owe it to that period that I grew hard and am still capable of being hard. And even more, I exalt it for tearing me away from the hollowness of comfortable life; for drawing the mother’s darling out of his soft downy bed and give him ‘Dame care’ for a new mother; for hurling me, despite all resistance, into a world of misery and poverty, thus making me acquainted with those for whom I was later to fight Without this period in his life and the circumstances surrounding it Adolf Hitler would certainly have been a different person then he turned out to
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