What Causes Poverty In America

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Poverty in America Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Table of Contents Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Poverty 4 Literature Review 6 Race, Class, Gender and Poverty 6 Causes of Poverty 9 Blaming Poor for Poverty 11 Overcoming poverty in the United States 12 Conclusion 13 References 14 Abstract The contemporary society has not existed without social problems whose impact has had far-reaching consequences. There are myriad social problems that the society has conventionally faced many of which fall in a continuum in a cause-effect mechanism. Poverty is a serious problem that the society has to contend with. It has formed the subject of social work discourse and a theme in sociological inquiry.…show more content…
Shared beliefs, values and norms for behavior that are deeply entrenched in the culture poor people living in ghettos and poor surroundings reflect the culture of poverty (sub-culture) of these people. This culture of poverty tends to be perpetuated within the society so that the situation is generally accepted as norm and way of life. For instance, children born in poverty-stricken community may absorb the attitudes and values of the subculture in which they are born. This way, they tend to demonstrate the tendency to be poor based on the culture (of poverty) inculcated (Jordan,…show more content…
This poverty has been pursuit due to “free market ideals” which is expressed in imposition of “neoliberal economies policies”. This are policies that have sort certain ways of cutting the taxes on wealthy and it do away with fiscal and business regulations, which shred social safety net and eroding the middle class stability (Andersen & Taylor, 2006). Due to this, the richer get more rich and the poor get poorer and more numerous. Behind the issue of economy performance, there are disparities of social behavior which unacknowledged the critics of US economy system. Changes in family structure have increased the level of poverty in America. For instance, families that are headed by single women in America have increased by a double number (Malanga, 2007). Failures of working and resting have affected the social lives in America. Not that people are poor or they do not earn enough; they just do not work enough. The critics that are cited are such that, nowadays “work doesn’t work”. This means that the salaries and wages are wretched to a course that cannot let the poor to life themselves even after being

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