What Caused The French Revolution Dbq Essay

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The French Revolution is considered a turning point in history. The events that occurred during the revolution would reshape France, as well as impact other nations of the world. There were many political, economic as well as social aspects of French life which had a great influence on the revolutionary talk that was going around France at the time. King Louis XVI the reigning king of France at the time was getting extremely worries about all this talk about a revolution and new Enlightenment ideas being thrown around. Ultimately his worst fears would become reality. There were many causes of the French revolution however one of the major causes is an economic one. The Third Estate which made up 98% of France’s population was very displeased over the rights that had been given to them as a social class. Only the Third Estate had to pay taxes, while the First and Second Estates were exempt from all taxes. (Document 2) Another cause was one over political rights. Even though the Third Estate had the majority of the…show more content…
One example of an event which had a colossal effect on the way citizens went about their lives was the Reign of Terror. During this time in 1793 many citizens were petrified over the thought of being arrested for a crime they had no idea existed. Many lost trust in others, fearing they were a spy for the government. (Document 6) One effect from the French Revolution is French citizens gained many new freedoms. By 1799 freedom of speech as well as freedom of the press had been established. There were also many improvements to the education system during this time period. Education was now free as well as universal, the likes of which had never been seen in France’s history. (Document 7) These freedoms were created in part by the Enlightenment philosophers who first brought up these ideas for a government to bestow upon its citizens.
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