What Caused The French Revolution Dbq Analysis

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Causes of the French Revolution The roots of the French Revolution could be traced back to empirically valid and economically rational principles. That said, no one could have foreseen the bloody free-for-all it would eventually devolve into. The main factors which led to the coming blood soaked power vacuum include the gluttony and incompetence of both royalty and nobility, the unreasonably high tax burden borne by the third estate, and the inferior legal status endured by the middle class. The revolution was also heavily inspired by another of its kind which had already taken place successfully in America, thanks largely to French military assistance, no doubt. The spirit of the revolution had existed in the hearts of French radicals long…show more content…
Lord Acton agrees in Document 5, “The American example caused the Revolution to break out.” First, their involvements in the American Revolution virtually bankrupt the nation of France. Their treasury was drained to such a degree that severe national inflation took hold, leading to disproportionately high bread prices. Bread, at the time, was the staple of the French peasant’s diet. Without bread, nearly everyone could have starved. America inspired France in another way: it proved that an effective insurgency could be realistically be put into action (as long as it was desired by the poor), even when countered by the military force of a strong empire. Many bourgeoisie thinkers had long ago acquired much enlightenment knowledge regarding the nature of revolution, but it was the American uprising which exemplified a particularly well executed application of such principles. “The Revolution had been accomplished in the minds of men long before it was translated into fact,” explains historian Albert Mathiez in Document
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