What caused the First World War? Essay

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What caused the First World War? There are many different causes that started World War 1; the nationalists wanted to prove themselves, the alliance system dragged everyone in, people in charge made a decision to fight, and each country had their own agenda. Britain had the biggest navy and overseas empire, and the strongest economy but Germany caught up, and started building ships to compete with Britannia, so Britain sunk their ships to stop Germany being the biggest, most powerful navy. Britain liked France because they didn’t threaten the British Empire, and they had an agreement with Belgium to protect them against invasion. France had the second biggest overseas empire, and was the strongest power in mainland Europe. They had been beaten by Germany in 1871, and had to sign a peace settlement, so therefore wanted revenge on Germany. Germany was a new country with an ambitious emperor and new ideas like socialism, which made them nervous. They didn’t have a big navy or overseas empire (like Britain), but they had the Schleiffen Plan which was to beat France, then Russia. Russia was the biggest country in the world, but it wasn’t as advanced as other countries in Europe. They were afraid of socialism, and had an unsuccessful revolution in 1905. Austria Hungary’s empire was in south Eastern Europe, and was made up of lots of different nationalities. They were nervous about the power of Russia and Germany, and were scared of the Nationalists who wanted independence for their people. Britain and France were democracies and had an entente cordiale, and Germany and Austria Hungary had things in common as autocracies. Russia was an autocracy so it felt closer to Germany and Austria Hungary, but couldn’t feel too close, as Russia was one of the three big empire powers (and part of the triple entente) with Britain and France. The Austrians and Germans wanted an

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