What Caused The Black Death Analysis

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The Black Death was very dangerous and contagious and destroyed 2/3's of Europe's population and it killed people in a strange manner. People who weren't affected went crazy in fear of catching it and the people who caught it usually died within 7 days. 1. The black death, also known as the Bubonic Plague that killed anywhere from 25-50 million Europeans and severely damaged Europe socially and economically. 2. The symptoms were enlarged and inflamed lymph nodes around the armpits, neck, 7 groins, headaches, nausea, aching joints, fever of 101-105 degrees, vomiting, and also caused spots on the skin that are red at first but then turned black. 3. It occurred around 1348, when the rats came to town carrying fleas called yersinia pestis. 4. It started in…show more content…
People throughout Europe, Asia, & China were affected by it. 6. What actually caused the Black Death, was rats in the towns that carried fleas called yersinia pestis.These rats then transmitted the disease, which also was contagious to humans. If you got bitten by a rat or flea you would have the bubonic plague. 7. 3 reasons of what the people thought caused the black death was that God was punishing Mankind for its sins, an unfavorable alignment of the planets, and they said it was bad air, and jews poisoning wells. 8. There were no real cures for the black death, because no one actually knew where it was coming from so they had to deal with it and hope to survive. 9. The cures that they attempted but were wrong were bizarre and ridiculous, 3 cures they tried were to pray to god, wear special masks too keep the “bad air” away from them, and to throw sweet smelling herbs onto the fire to clean the air, or hold herbs in your pocket. 10. People could not actually protect themselves, because no one actually knew what was causing the black death, but people were careful, and the people that ended up surviving were the ones who didn’t live near the most populated part of Europe where it was coming
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