What Caused Social Security To Be In Trouble Essay

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Social Security is an issue that has occurred since the 80’s. Many has questioned as to if it is in really trouble, or is it something that we shouldn’t worry about. Social Security is indeed in trouble, and there should be answers on how to solve this issue. What caused Social Security to be in trouble is when the money that was going in wasn’t able to support the money that was going out. As demographics began to change with the life expectancy increasing and the ratio of workers to those in retirement started to drop. The purpose of Social Security was to provide benefits for retirees. The benefits Social Security offered was to replace income loss as a result of retirement, unemployment, disability, or death. About only one sixth of Americans receive the Social Security benefits. “In…show more content…
“Back when there was twelve people paying in to support one it was fine, but now when you have three people paying in to support one, what do you do; raise taxes or cut benefits? (Lowery, Jarrod)” The two answers to fix Social Security will hurt some people. For example, if taxes was raised my generation would probably never see the benefits of Social Security because they would be cut out due to the tax prices being raised. If benefits were lowered then that would affect the older generation, because they would not be able to pay for the bills they may receive when Social Security is the only income that they receive in their household. Studies show that people eighty and older Social Security provides seventy percent of their income. With this study it shows that Social Security needs to be available for the younger generation and the problem needs to be fixed. Also, if benefits were lowered then that would hurt my generation as well. Either way to solve the problem it will lead to someone paying more or getting

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