What Can You as an Individual Do to Make a Difference? Essay

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What can you as an individual do to make a difference? As an individual, we can make a difference. We may not be able to stop the human trafficking circle, but we can have a little part in saving someone who is being human trafficked, and stopping it from happening to other people. This is how we can make a difference – 10 ways in which we can stop human trafficking: 1.Become educated – by understanding the human trafficking is the first step in addressing the issue. Join activities that raise awareness of the issue 2.Know your neighbors – connecting with your neighbors allows you to be on alert. 3.Recognize good Samaritans – most of the human trafficking victims survive because of people who take action to help. 4.Be aware of the law – failing to report, employing or assisting in the employment of a victim of trafficking is against the law! 5.Know how to act – taking action if you suspect suspicious activity can save lives. Find out if there is a human trafficking hotline. 6.Pass it on – sharing what you have learnt will help spread awareness Pass on tips to your neighbors and friends. Encourage media to play public service announcements created to raise awareness on this issue. 7.Serve your community – volunteering is a great way to make a difference and support survivors. 8.Be a voice for the voiceless – lend your voice, share your ideas and advocate for change. Write letters to the editor, join the movement to end human trafficking. 9.Take a stand – curb the demand for products and services that promote human exploitation. Be an informed consumer to learn where your products come form in an effort to take a stand against industries that thrive on human trafficking. 10.Listen and learn – most victims of human trafficking didn’t realize it could happen to them. An important step in combating human trafficking is

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