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What Can We Do About Hailey? 1. According to American sociologist Charles Horton Cooley, people always see themselves in relation to other people. He believed that your sense of self, or self-concept, is formed by how imagining how you appear to other people. Cooley’s term for this view of self-concept was the looking-glass self. (Sole, 2011) Hailey’s self-concept during her relationship with Dan has been formed by how she thinks Dan sees her. After Dan referred to her as “clumsy as an ox”, Hailey believes that she is clumsy. George Herbert Mead believed that your self-concept was developed over time as you think about who you are and your interactions with others. (Sole, 2011) Hailey developed her current self-concept by seeing herself from Dan’s reactions to her. Hailey seems to be developing a negative self-image and a negative self-esteem as well from her interactions with Dan. She seems to be focusing on her failures and imperfections, or at least those that Dan has pointed out to her. Her self-respect is especially in jeopardy. Self-respect is “feeling assured of your value, your right to be happy and appropriately asserting your thoughts, wants, and needs.” (Sole, 2011, pg 54) When Hailey says she cannot go out because she needs to be available to Dan, she is putting his needs in front of hers and is communicating that to Amy. 2. Amy wants to help Hailey build up her self-concept. The best way for Amy to do this, without hurting Hailey’s relationship with Dan, would be to help Hailey see herself as Amy sees her. The more Amy enforces Hailey’s positive attributes, the better Amy’s self-concept should become. Amy should take the focus off of Dan when she communicates with Hailey and only discuss the positives of Hailey’s life and abilities. If Amy can build up Hailey’s confidence in her abilities, her self-esteem and her self-respect should

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