What Attitude Does Boey Kim Cheng Have Towards the Planners in ‘the Planners’ and How Does He Express It?

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What attitude does Boey Kim Cheng have towards the planners in ‘The Planners’ and how does he express it? Boey Kim Cheng conveys his distaste and disapproval attitude towards the poem ‘The Planners’ by building the details on the ugliness of their perfections. He uses the accusatorial and negative tone of voice and through the development of language to express the endless perfections. He often conveys his negative and repulsed attitude towards the planners and how the planners crave for power and control. He applies the use of vivid imagery to help build on the flawless creation and how it disgusts him. Furthermore, he demonstrates their objectives by erasing of the imperfections with the use of time and the idea of changing the past. Boey Kim Cheng develops his feeling and attitudes towards the Planners throughout the poem, conveying his dislike and hatred concerning the Planners. He demonstrates this in many ways. At the start of the poem Cheng scrutinizes the refinement that the planners strive for in the very first stanza and reveals his feelings of distaste for the suspicious excellence. He is disgusted at the fact that the planners are restless in developing the city and shows this by using the caesuras They plan. They build. All spaces are gridded, Filled with permutations of possibilities. The first line conveys a sense of anger and frustration from the poet as the caesuras hint at the fact that it’s as if the poet is speaking these words through gritted teeth, thus the short sentences. The second line shows that the planners are extremely organized and that the poet is slightly intimidated by the fact that the planners have so many ‘possibilities’ or ideas to carry out. This also implies that the planners are very dominating and that they leave no room for any imagination as they fill and ‘grid’ all spaces possible. ‘They plan. They build.’ Is also

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