What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Confederation Of States

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A Confederation of States I. Early State Governments A. Declared independence in 1776 but congress asked for each new state to draft a constitution to create a new government. They all wanted a Republics that is a government where the people elected the officials. II. Leaders preferred a unicameral legislature, or one with single house whose members elected their representatives. Thomas Paine of the Patriots wanted to put more power in hands of people, but many distrusted the ability of the common people. III. Most States like Massachusetts and New York, wanted more of the Unicameral legislature that has two houses of body making, a house of representatives and the Senate which has the power of wealthy well-educated gentlemen and the…show more content…
The British embarrassed the Confederation by keeping frontier forts on the American side of the boundary set up by the peace treaty. III Weakness of the Articles of Confederation 1.There were many weaknesses and the congress could not establish a common currency. 2. Without money the federal government could not pay or fund the large war debts. Congress was not getting enough money from the states and need lots more. In 1786 they needed $2.5 million but only had $400,00.00 on hand. The states had bankrupt the nation. 3. Congress sought to allow the states to pay a 5%duty on imported goods. 4 Farmers began to revolt in Massachusetts because the slowdown in trading decreased jobs in the seaports and no one could get paid. Without west Indian market for their shipping Americans could not pay for their debts to the British. In 1785 their creditors stopped shipping merchandise and demanded payments. All credit was stopped. 5. Shays rebellion led by Daniel Shay was to stop the Congress from foreclosing on the lands that the Farmers owned but could not pay for. In 1787, he lead about 1,000 farmers to attack the Springfield armory and attempted to shut down the courts. The states raised an army to stop the Shay’s Rebellion before it influenced other states to do the

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