What Are The Stereotypes In The Movie Crash

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As I look down the list of movies to watch to write this paper I realized I had recently seen a movie titled Crash that embodied a lot of stereotypes that are constantly a problem in our country today. I had been meaning to watch this movie because of its great reviews it had received. The title of the movie Crash could not have been more perfectly placed. In America we found ourselves in the most culturally mixed Country, and with that are sure to bring differences and racism. Like a car crash we are accidently placed in situations everyday that bring out our own stereotypes towards others that we sometimes do not even realize. This movie shows how people can love to their own, yet be cruel to other cultures. The movie follows an African American detective’s story while following other cultures stories around him at the same time. The film constantly shows races of all kinds using stereotypes in confrontation with others during their daily lives. The film points out such stereotypes as, black people stealing, Asians being bad drivers, Hispanics participating in gang violence, Arabs being terrorists, and White people thinking that…show more content…
Most of us understand the difference between being racist and being politically correct, but most of us let our experiences within our own culture shape how we view people. Judging people is easy to do and quite commonly done unknowingly, but it is when we put our prejudice out on the table that our true colors shine through. I do believe that we will all learn from our mistakes and we will all be judged equally to our own judging. This film showed the very worst of people in today’s society yet also showed American civilization at its best. This film was a “Crash” of intercultural differences and racism; however there is hope in the end when most come to terms with their stereotyping problem, and that is no

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