What Are The Similarities Between Rome And Han China

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BGB6An Age of Empires: Rome and Han China 753 BCE – 600 CE New type of empire: 1. Central control 2. Pervasive culture 3. Stable, long-lasting 4. Roman Empire - Lands of Mediterranean + parts of Europe and Middle East * Han Empire - Pacific to central Asia *** Didn’t influence each other*** An Age of Empires: Rome and Han China 753 BCE – 600 CE+ * Rome's central location contributed to its success in unifying Italy. * Italy was a “crossroads” in the Mediterranean. Therefore, Rome was a “crossroads” within Italy. (road and river intersection) * Tiber River on one side and ring of 7 hills on other gave protection Rome’s Mediterranean Empire 753 BCE – 600 CE * Rome at crossroads * Apennine Mountains, Alps separates eastern and western plains * 75% of the…show more content…
* Halted inflation – how? * No job mobility for generations * A “black market” was created (not good) * Government is now considered to be
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