What Are the Significant Features of the Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God? (21)

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The Cosmological argument What are the significant features of the cosmological argument for the existence of God? (21) The cosmological argument is a classical theistic argument for the existence of God. It is one of the world’s oldest arguments. Many different philosophers have taken it upon themselves to try and solve the cosmological argument, so there are many different ideas of what God is, or if there is even a God at all. St. Thomas Aquinas is probably one of the most well-known philosophers of the cosmological argument as he came up with five steps that explained why there must be a “creator” and did not just state that there was one. The first three of his five steps related to the cosmological argument, they were motion, cause and contingency. His first argument, motion, stated that nothing can move itself and therefore, there must have been something that set everything else in motion, an original mover that set everything in a long chain of reactions, like a line of dominoes. He argued that there can’t have been an infinite chain of movers as it would have no beginning and so could not have been started and there would be no motion. However, some people would argue that although some things do need a cause to move, such as someone turning the pages of a book, people and animals move themselves with no cause at all, they do not need to be moved by something else, therefore there does not need to be a chain of causes for everything. Aquinas’ second way was cause; he stated that everything that exists needed a cause to come into existence. There is a chain of causes that goes back through time; however it cannot be an infinite chain or nothing would be caused at all, therefore there had to be an original cause, he also argued that the first cause was dependant on nothing and therefore did not need a cause. Aquinas believed that this first cause

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