What Are The Sex Roles In The Atlantic By Hanna Rosin

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B: The End of men How have the sex roles changes over the centuries, and can women or men rule the world alone or do we need each other? In the magazine, The Atlantic, from July/August 2010 Hanna Rosin writes about the women overtaken the men’s place in the society today, especially in the economy. Hanna writes about a biologist, Ronald Ericsson, who invented a method in the 1970’ties that made it possible to select the sex for your child. Ericsson were certain of parents now would prefer their children’s sex to be boys, but in the ‘90s he could see on the statistics from the clinics that used his methods that people preferred girls over boys. First the topic is very clear in Hanna Rosin’s article; women have today overtaken the men’s role in the society. More controversial can you say that men are coming down from their pedestal in the working marked, and women are taking over slowly.…show more content…
But now in the 21st century, more and more women are coming out on the working marked. Hanna means that it today is more acceptable to be a successful business woman that in the past; furthermore they haven’t had this opportunity in earlier centuries. On p.7 Hanna Rosin writes: : “… for nearly as long as civilization has existed, patriarchy – enforced through the right of the first born son- has been the organizing principle, with few expectations…. “ The Language in this article is straightforward. It’s is easy to understand and it very analyzing on the topic. Hanna uses a lot of rhetorical question, like :”… what if the modern, postindustrial economy is simply more congenial to woman that men?...why wouldn’t you choose a girl?...”, to makes us as a reader want to keep reading to find out what the conclusion and answers to these questions
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