What Are The Reasons For Australia's Involvement In The Vietnam War

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Reasons for Australia’s Involvement in the Vietnam War Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War from 1962-1975 has been the country’s longest military involvement in duration of any war. The war mainly involved America and its allies, including Australia, aiming to protect South Vietnam from the communist North Vietnam. Australia’s main reason for involvement in the Vietnam War is the country’s fear of communism and consequently, the ‘Domino Theory’. Australia also felt the need to commit military support for America during this war due to the ANZUS alliance and SEATO alliance. Furthermore, another reason was to follow the government’s defence policy of ‘Forward Defence’ in order to protect the country. There has been an obvious fear of communism in Australia, especially with the attempted…show more content…
The main objective of the defence policy was to deploy forces overseas and to keep any threat as far away as possible to prevent a potential enemy from reaching Australia. From the policy, the government wanted to fight the threat of communism away from Australia and contain it before it got too strong and reached Australia. Therefore, following the ‘Forward Defence,’ policy, Australia was needed to be involved in the Vietnam War to prevent the threat of communism spreading to Australia. There are many reasons for Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War. The key reason was fear of communism, especially since the ‘Domino Theory,’ supported the threat of communism reaching Australia. Australia also had a responsibility to help America in the Vietnam War due to the SEATO and ANZUS treaties. Finally, by following the government’s defence policy of ‘Forward Defence,’ Australia needed to be involved in the Vietnam War to contain communism away from Australia’s
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