What Are the Reasons for Anti-Islamic Propaganda in Britain?

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What are the reasons for anti-Islamic propaganda in Britain? Introduction. Since Britain’s involvement in the Iraq conflict, it is evident that racial hatred has increased between, predominantly, the white and Islamic communities of the nation. Britain is a multi-cultural society which in general welcomes people of all races, religions, creeds and cultures. However, more recently there has been a lot of tension between patriotic Britons and Muslims which has led to a lot of anti-Islamic propaganda among the British public. One might ask what the reasons are for this media and campaign portrayal. And are they justifiable? This topic was chosen in light of the tensions building from 9/11, the London Underground Bombings and the Iraq war as well as the more recent murder of British soldier, Lee Rigby, by two Muslim extremists which led to a wave of anti-Muslim propaganda across not only Britain but around the world. Due to the controversy that could be caused by this topic sources from patriotic Britons, Muslims and the media will be used to avoid bias and create balanced and well formulated argument. To address the topic, many different aspects of Islam and British tradition will be identified, analysed and compared. History of Islam in Britain. Britain has always been a mostly Christian dominion; however the figures have shown that the numbers of other religions have increased, in particular, Islam. Islam now dominates 2.7% of people’s religious beliefs in Britain (office for national statistics, 2001). In 2007, the home secretary, Jacqui smith, estimated that the number of Muslims in Britain had increased by about 400,000 since the 2001 Census (Islam in Europe, 2009). This increase has been met with unrest from both Islamists due to the supposed or suggested increase in extremist behaviour, as well as ‘far-right’ organisations who are trying to protect a

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