What Are The Pros And Cons Of Lowering The Drinking Age

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Drinking Age Little Jimmy felt as though he was wasting his life away. Living a simple lifestyle he tried to accomplish anything he could to find some type of meaning to his life. However to no end he found nothing. One day he fell upon a recruiting office to the military and six months later was sent to Iraq. Soon after he was stationed, his team was transporting supplies and the truck drove over and IED. Half the crew was dead on impact while a few survived to tell the tale. Jimmy died that day at the young age of 19. The day before this tragic accident his friends went to a bar to unwind, however Jimmy was not able to have a drink due to him being under the legal drinking age. This story is made up, but not a tale of fiction. Situations like this may happen, and it is a terrible situation when it is does. So what! Yes the tale of a young man losing his life in war is a tragedy, but there is no need to lower the drinking age because a few people die without the taste of an alcoholic drink. At the age of 18 teenagers do legally become adults, but their brains are not fully…show more content…
One of those pros would be that lowering the drinking age would decrease the rate of teenager’s discreetly drinking alcohol. At more and more high school and college parties students are drinking alcohol illegally. This is at risk because many of those underage drinkers binge drink to an amount that can seriously harm their body and their brain. Most students do this because they get a thrill out of breaking the law, but binge drinking can lead to major harm to the individual and even death. Though this problem may happen now, no one can know if this start to decrease and the problem will start at a younger age. But the only way to possibly control this problem is to have local law enforcement be aware of the problems and know when they may arise, in order that they may put a halt to underage

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