What Are The Pros And Cons Of Georgia Charter School

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MEMORANDUM To: Governor Nathan Deal From: Date: October 24, 2012 Subject: Amendment 1 Introduction Amendment 1 seeks to give the Georgia Charter School Commission the authority to override local school districts in the approval of new charter schools. State officials believe that the lack of charter school approval by local school districts has reduced competition within the public school system. This amendment has been put forth to encourage charter school development and increase the perceived lack of educational choices for families throughout the state. Charter schools have many pros and cons and Amendment 1 should be carefully reviewed by every voter to ensure that their vote is in the best interest of their children and…show more content…
This argument has been used to support Amendment 1 even though the practices of the Georgia Charter School Commission have been considered unconstitutional. Many believe that the Georgia Charter School Commission creates another state run bureaucracy duplicating the work of local school boards. The state believes that this is the best way to reform education and develop competition through charter schools, even though there are already 315 charter schools and 500 public schools. The state may be correct in believing that charter schools increase competition but the schools are small. The small size of the school limits the number of students that can be enrolled creating the discussed equity issue. Reforming education is also going to take new and innovative approaches to teaching students and charter schools are able to provide the test ground for those techniques. It can be argued why traditional public schools can’t be the test ground for new education techniques. This could reduce equity concerns and give all students access to new and innovative

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