What Are The Goals Of The Civil Rights Movement

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Civil Rights This was a brilliant public relations strategy in action, for every time the protestors were shown on the news, it was them acting peacefully and a white mob attacking them. These images alone helped to win over many supporters and force the national government to step in to help the cause of civil rights. One of the main goals of the passive resistors was to gain public support and force the government to uphold the Supreme Courts controversial rulings, such as what happened with Central High School when President Kennedy nationalized the Arkansas National Guard and the Interstate Commerce Comm. forced the desegregation of the interstate bus lines. Without lifting a finger they changed the way the nation was run. As the years went on African Americans became even more willing to stand up for their rights, to the point where MLK led a march on…show more content…
Slowly but surely the small pocket of “dissidents” turned into a nationwide movement that reshaped the way the constitution was interpreted and tried to help make sure that all men really were created equal. Even the killings of important persons like MLK, Medgar Evars, and Malcolm X couldn’t stop the flow once it had been released. The men became martyrs to the cause and more powerful than they ever were when they were alive. Ultimately the goals of the civil rights movement were quite simple. They wanted to end discrimination, to become accepted as American citizens with all the rights, duties and privileges that entails. They wanted the power to become whatever they wanted in life, to not be held back by mere melatonin but instead be accepted everywhere by everyone as a fellow human being,
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