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EU Economy Policy Paper Title: What are the economic arguments for further enlargement of the EU? Contents List: Executive Summary Introduction of the candidate country Iceland The Country Conditions for entering the EU Current Relationship EU - Iceland Opinions of EU citizens Arguments of the enlargement of the EU Economical Advantages of the further enlargement Disadvantages / General Disadvantages Problems that may come with the accession of Iceland Conclusion References Executive Summary This policy paper is addressed for the attention of Štefan Füle, European Commissioner responsible for the Enlargement and the European Neighbourhood Policy. The target of this paper is to point out further economic advantages and problems of the enlargement of the European Union. To illustrate the arguments in a better way they will be based on the candidate country Iceland which is currently negotiating with the European Union. Due to Mr Füle's position in the European Commission, he is the right addressee of this policy paper. Introduction of the candidate country Iceland The Country Before looking into all the economical and political aspects it is important to have some basic information about the country. Iceland is a small island located in the north-eastern Atlantic and can possess a current population of roughly 320,000 inhabitants. Furthermore, Iceland is a republic and has a parliamentary form of government. The head of state is the president called “Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson“ and the head of the government is the prime minister called “Johanna Sigurdardottir“. The currency is called “Icelandic Krona (ISK)” and the current rate (02/04/11) is 184 ISK = 1 £ = 1.14 €. Conditions for entering the EU The Treaty on European Union implies in
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