What Are The Changes In Daily Life During The Civil War

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Daily Life during the War The Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves in Confederate states. African Americans participated in the war in a variety of ways. President Lincoln faced opposition to the war. Life was difficult for soldiers and civilians alike The lives of many Americans were affected by the Civil War. Emancipation - freeing of the slaves Emancipation Proclamation - (1862) an order issued by President Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves in areas rebelling against the Union; took effect January 1, 1863 contraband - an escaped slave who joined the Union army during the Civil War 54th Massachusetts Infantry - African American Civil War regiment that captured Fort Wagner in South Carolina Copperheads - a group of northern…show more content…
Because they thought it was wrong to not even consider them people & that they were beaten and hurt by the slave owners. People who wanted slavery to end were called abolitionists. Contrast How did reactions to the Emancipation Proclamation differ? The south reacted violently to the Emancipation Proclamation, they were not pleased that someone would dictate their way of life. This lead to the start of the Civil War. Elaborate Do you think that the emancipation of slaves should have extended to the border states? Explain your answer. No, all the border states were sharply divided between pro-Union and pro-Confederate sentiment. A demand for emancipation would have tipped the balance and sent those states straight into the arms of the Confederacy. Recall Why did some northerners want to recruit African Americans into the Union army? They thought that if African Americans got drafted they wouldn't have any slaves to work for the slave owners. Contrast In what ways did African American soldiers face more difficulties than white soldiers did? Black soldiers faced more difficulties than white soldiers. One of which was racial
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