What Are The Causes Of Whiskey Rebellion

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The Whiskey Rebellion was caused because of taxation on distilled whiskey. Naturally, people were upset because that was the only way to make the most profit at the time due to cost and poor transportation. If someone was accused of evading the tax, they were required to stand trial in federal courts which were few and far between, making people even more upset due to distance to travel. About 500 armed men led by James McFarlane rebelled and attacked the house of Inspector John Neville. It was guarded by 11 federal soldiers. He was demanded to surrender his commissions and official papers. “Learning that Neville had left, they asked the soldiers to surrender and allow them to search the house. The soldiers refused, and for an hour the two faught.” (pg 254) They set his house on fire and allowed the defenders to go free. The federal officials worried that the rebellion would spread to the other areas where whiskey was produced. Washington, Henry Lee, and Hamilton marched into the rebel territory. The rebels dispersed and there was no need for fighting, however there were 20 prisoners taken and two guilty for committing high treason. Later those two people were pardoned by Washington. A…show more content…
In the beginning when they were making offenders of the tax travel hundreds of miles to go to court was a bit much. If the people were really serious about it, they would do what it took to see the changes they wanted to be made. Luckily though, when the troops showed up the rebels backed off. In the whole thing there were a couple injuries and people were taken prisoner but it could have been a lot worse. If the rebels hadn't left when the troops came, I'm sure a lot more deaths would have happened. Could have had potential to be big battle and probably a loss for the citizens. So it's a good thing they were there and a committee was made to diffuse the
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