What Are The Causes Of The Industrial Revolution Apush

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US History 1 Industrial Revolution Study Guide Name: Date: 9/9/13 Period: 2nd National Road: * 1811-1838; went from Maryland to Illinois 10 mph: * Locomotive; Thom Thumb Samuel Slater: * Was a poor factory worker * Spilled the idea of factories * Came from Great Britain Turnpikes: * A more up kept road * Had to pay tolls to be able to go on the road Nativism: * Preference to native born people * Some factory owners wouldn’t give you jobs if you wert native born Publishing: * Middle class women started getting careers in journalism * People actually wanted to learn how to read!! Eli Whitney: * Brought interchangeable part to congress; they liked it; factories…show more content…
Hunt: * Supreme Court Case in 1847 * Legalized union strike (work stoppage) Nat Turner: * Led one of the most deadly rebellion in 1831 * Killed 60 white people (women ,children , and men) * He didn’t start it until August and the authorities didn’t catch him until October * He was hung along with many of his followers Denmark Vessey: * Free black man * Accused of planning an uprising * One of his followers betrayed the group; told the authorities; him and many of his followers where hung Upkeep of the National Road: * Each state was responsible for the part of the National Road that ran through their state * Created tolls to help pay towards the up keep Cotton Gin did what?: * Took the cotton seed out of hunks of cotton Slaves Earning Money * Slaves could earn money if they had a skill that the farmer could benefit
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