What Are The Causes Of Shays Rebellion

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Making of a Government Angel Pate Shay’s Rebellion brought some old conservative fears to the public eye. The conservatives knew that with government at the State level there would be changes made at will. There was also the fact that in most instances Congresses’ hands were tied in making decisions which would interfere with State Sovereignty. During the rebellion Massachusetts appealed to the Confederation for help, Congress was unable to do anything. Shay’s Rebellion saw State Governments making changes all the time and most were retaliate against other States. The realization of these problems led to the Virginia Assembly inviting all States to send delegates to a convention in Annapolis. The delegates would take into consideration the trade of the States United. The convention…show more content…
The representatives would be appointed according to population and empowered ‘to legislate in all cases to which the separate states are incompetent.’ The Virginia Plan offered three solutions to how the states could be persuaded to abide by these Articles of Union: an oath of office, a negative on all state laws contravening the Constitution, and power to call forth the forces of the Union to coerce recalcitrant states. The New Jersey Plan provided a single legislative body in which each state was equally represented, and whose acts were to be enforced by armed coercion of the states, as its central plan. It did however contain one clause of importance, ‘All Acts of the United States in Congress made in pursuance of the powers hereby and by the articles of confederation vested in them, and all Treaties made and ratified under the authority of the United States shall be supreme law of the respective States…’ This states that the constitution is supreme law and the courts are the proper agents to enforce
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