What Are The Causes Of Bacon's Rebellion

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BACON’S REBELLION GINA HARRISON HIST221 I005 SPR 13 PROFESSOR GWENDOLLYN NOBLE 26 May 2013 The occasion of this rebellion, which occurred in 1676, is not easy to recognize but has been determined there were many things that concurred towards it. Bacon’s Rebellion was a riot in the early history of the colony of Jamestown, Virginia; Nathaniel Bacon rebelled and held a riot in Colonial Virginia. Numerous factors made the revolution inevitable, such as, high taxes, decreased tobacco prices, and resentment against unexpected privileges towards those close to the governor, Sir William Berkeley. Bacon, later elected to the new House of Burgesses forced Berkeley to summon because Bacon commanded to forbidden but successful expeditions…show more content…
The situation was unavoidable, and destined to happen eventually; however, Bacon’s Rebellion may be attributed to a multitude of causes, all of which lead to strife in the Virginia Colony. In addition, there were a large number of issues within the colony. During this time, the economy was a tremendous concern. Another overriding concern was the tobacco, which was the main agricultural crop, and prices declined as well as increased competition between the colonies. Commercial competition grew between Maryland, Virginia, and the Carolinas, as well as the English market, which became increasingly restricted. The increased prices of English manufactured goods caused a significant number of problems for the Virginia Colony. As a result, mercantilism was an epic downfall within the…show more content…
As a result, the tension throughout the colonies, eventually led to the First American Revolution. However, at that time in Colonial Virginia, the lax laws were no longer effective in establishing clear policies to deal with problems or to instill new lifeblood into the province’s economy. Simply put, the problems that affected the population before Bacon’s Rebellion gave strength to Nathaniel Bacon. The nature of Bacon’s Rebellion does seem to be the beginnings of America’s quest for independence; however, this was more a coincidence. Closer examination of this period in history illustrates what Jamestown’s condition was a power struggle between two distinct personalities that nearly destroyed Jamestown. A class brawl within an Indian conflict, Bacon’s Rebellion revealed mixed motivations and complex outcomes of hostilities in colonial

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