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CON I stand in firm negation of the resolution Resolved: In the United States, Plea Bargaining Undermines the Criminal Justice System. To clarify on today’s debate here are the following definition. Plea bargain: Is a deal offered by the prosecutor as an incentive for a defendant to plead guilty. Plea bargain can either based on charge bargaining or sentence bargaining. Undermines: To weaken or ware away Contention 01: Plea Bargaining gives us the right to speedy trial One of our constitutional rights as Americans to a speedy trial. While this right can be waived by a defendant, it must be provided to him unless he explicitly declines it. The Criminal Justice System would collapse; we would see people being forced to wait months, even years. To have their cases heard, thus violating their constitutional rights. As such, given the current level of judicial resources, plea bargains are absolutely necessary and indeed beneficial in the quest to uphold all constitutional rights. Contention 02: Plea bargaining benefits the system…show more content…
It also is in some ways fairer to witnesses and prospective jurors. Imagine if in all these cases, the victim and witnesses had to come to court to testify. And in all these cases, people had to leave their jobs in order to serve on juries. That would be very onerous for the public. So from the stat’s point of view, if you have someone, especially someone who’s clearly guilty, and you could get them to plead guilty by offering them an inducement, it’s in everybody’s interest to do that. Because my contention 01 states that plea bargaining gives us the right to speedy trial, and contention 02 states that plea bargaining benefits the system and contention 03 states that plea bargaining is better for the system and society. I hereby declare that in the United States, plea bargaining does not undermine the Criminal Justice

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