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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Homework in School? Essay

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  • on August 3, 2012
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Below is an essay on "What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Homework in School?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Homework can be considered as the out of class tasks that a student is assigned as an extension of classroom work. Well, in the 21st century, increasing amount of the homework seems so common in every school.   Many students claim that it is not really work for improving their studies by doing homework but some do. So here is the question, does homework give us advantages or disadvantages?

First of all, homework will diminish the amount of time that a child can spend on the other activities such as sports, family time and leisure that can make them feel free and relaxed from school. Having too much homework will result in them feeling very overwhelmed, stressed and other negative psychological effect.   Sometimes, it might lead them to think negatively and do something bad to harm themselves. It also shows that adults seem to be apart from the ideology of letting the children do what they want in their wonderful but limited childhood.

Furthermore, students will feel self-contemptuous if they are not able to finish or solve their homework. They will think that they have no ability to perform or truly understand the concepts. This may cause them to lose self confidence among all their friends and soon will become autistic as they lack of interact with society.

The third disadvantage is, too much homework will definitely decrease the communication time between parents and children. Nowadays, there is barely enough time to have meal with each of the family member. This is because parents and children do not have enough time for each other. Lack of time to communicate can actually lead to a family problem. It will make the children feel alone, become rebellious and turn to wrong people to call ‘friend’.

Nevertheless, despite all of the disadvantages, I personally feel that homework is necessary and give advantages to students. Homework not only can offer them an opportunity to spend time wisely but also allow to continue learning and reviewing outside the...

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