What Are The Achievements Of Imperial Rome

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Republicans and Imperial Rome Romans conquered all of Italy, Mediterranean coastline, and most of near East and continental Europe. Rome had a nonmonarchial republican government (500 years). Augustus- 1st emperor 3rd century C.E. 1st century C.E. emperors declared divine after death Worshipped like gods while alive Adopted cultural achievements of Greeks in literature, philosophy, and art. Prehistoric Italy Romans emerged from descendants of tough mountain people in the western plains, along with others. Government Imperium- the right to issue commands and to enforce them by fines, arrests, and physical punishment, including execution. Although normally remained in families, kingship was elective. Approval of the senate…show more content…
Scipio Africanus forced Carthaginians to accept peace Rome now ruled the seas and entire Mediterranean coast from Italy westward The New Imperial System Rome collected taxes The Republic’s Conquest of the Hellenistic World The East Philip 5th and Seleucid Antiochus 197 B.C.E. Philip defeated by Rome 189 B.C.E. Seleucid defeated Perseus 179 B.C.E. defeated in 168 B.C.E. divided Macedon into four republics The West Romans committed dreadful atrocities; lied, cheated, and broke treaties to exploit and pacify natives Religion 205 B.C.E. public worship of Cybele, Great mother goddess from Asia Minor banned worship of other gods. Education Fathers taught sons and had physical training for potential soldiers. Romans learned Greek Girls of upper class learned similar Roman Imperialism Aftermath of Conquest War and expansion changed the economic, social, and political life of Italy. Veterans could not go back to farms Latifundia- abandoned land acquired by wealthy The Gracchi Tiberius Gracchus (168-133 B.C.E.) land reform Threatened senate, killed Tiberius after elections Politicians called populares Supporters of Senate called optimates “the best…show more content…
Crassus died Caesar made few changes in the government of Rome Treated Senate as his creature March 15, 44 B.C.E. Caesar stabbed to death in senate The second Trimuvirate and the emergence of Octavian Octavian controlled western part of empire Antonius and Cleopatra (Queen of Egypt) ruled East 31 B.C.E. Octavian defeated their army , civil war ended Age 32 Octavian absolute master of Mediterranean world The Age of Augustus Golden Age of Roman Literature: 2 major poets Virgil (70-19 B.C.E.) Greatest work Aeneid Horace (65-8 B.C.E.) Lyric poet- Odes Ovid (43-18 B.C.E.) Wrote light and entertaining love elegies that reveal the sophistication and the loose sexual code of a notorious sector of Roman aristocracy. “Good Emperors” Nerva (96-98 C.E.) Trajan (98-117 C.E.) Hadrian (117-138 C.E.) Antoninus Pius (138-161 C.E.) Marcus Aurelius ( 161-180 C.E.) Culture of Early Empire Literature Silver age- gloomy, negative, pessimistic Architecture Influenced by Greeks New engineering made construction of more mundane but more useful structures such as bridges and aqueducts. The Rise of Christianity Jesus of Nazareth Understanding the journey of Jesus Birth, death, resurrection Persecution of

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