"what Are Some Of The Qualities Of A Good Parent? Essay

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The topic asks to provide some qualities of a good parent. The most important and quite comprehensive quality of good parents is being responsible for their children. This responsibility implies a panoply of activities and roles a parent should perform through the whole life or at least until the child become mature enough to live independently. First, a good parent should content children's material needs, namely a home, food, clothes, and so forth. This provision should be fulfilled at least on the level of minimum children's requirements or better depending on parents financial capabilities, though not infinitely better so that not to surfeit and consequently spoil the child. Second, good parents should actively promote child's physical and mental development. This include disciplining the child, habituating the child to physical exercises and studying, providing the child with as best education as possible, and edifying or advising the child on any problem he or she encounters during life. Most of these activities implies spending a lot of time with children, which is in many cases problematic as adults usually have a lot of things to do in their lives even with no parenting taken into account. But good parents should always procure opportunities to spend with their children as much time as possible. Also, good parents should protect their children. It may imply protection of child's health, that is they should try to prevent the child from getting ill and take care of the child if he or she however got ill. Parents should also protect their children from any dangers both internal and external. An example of an internal danger may be a possibility of getting hooked on cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs. An external danger may be any ill intention from any other people, like bullies at school. Generally, a good parent should always provide both moral

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