What Are Malcolm X's Achievements

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By ayan Farah Contents page • Malcolm’s family • achievements • Quotes • Time line • Biography • Pictures of Malcolm x Malcolm’s family Malcolm x wasn’t always known as Malcolm x but Malcolm little, son of Louise little. Earl little was an outspoken Baptist minister and at the time worked as an organizer for the movement throughout the 1920’s. Earl was killed on the street by a car but Malcolm and his family believed that the incident was not accidental but a murder by the black legion. Louise little was an ordinary house wife but soon after the death of earl little (her husband) she suffered from a nervous breakdown.…show more content…
Not only did he prove the black people are equally as intelligent as the whites, he proved that the nation Islam can be followed by any person that wants to. He taught that you won’t get anything by being lazy. Malcolm didn’t come to be one of the most well known people in history by being lazy. The only reason he achieved what he did was due to the fact that he fought for it. In 1963 New York Times reported Malcolm as second most required speaker in the United States of America. Malcolm also opened up an organization called ‘organization of afro American unity’ (OOAU). Malcolm’s autobiography was published in November 1965 and it took him two years to write it. On June 29th 1963, Malcolm lead the unity rally in Harlem and it was said that the rally held was one of the nation’s largest civil rights events. A while after Malcolm’s release from prison he was pronounced the minister of nation of Islam’s Boston masque which was a major responsibility. Malcolm was soon confirmed as the minister of the mosque in Philadelphia and New…show more content…
Elijah had taught Malcolm that he should remain pure and incorrupt until marriage. (Malcolm x was married to betty shabazz in 1958). Malcolm x was astounded with Elijah since he considered him to be a living prophet. In 1963 Malcolm made a remark regarding the assassination of President Kennedy. Malcolm said it was a case of ‘the chickens come home to roast’. Many people found this offensive and so Malcolm was silenced for 90 days, yet Malcolm believed he was silenced for another reason. Malcolm x decided to found his own religious

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