What Are James Madison's Achievements

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Often overlooked and overshadowed by national leaders such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and numerous others, James Madison was a very important man in the nation’s history. Known as the founder of the constitution and fourth president of the United States, Madison was to say the least, a well-known and respected politician. Madison was a devout Episcopalian who held very strong personal religious beliefs. During his earlier years in life he was advocate for personal salvation. He even promoted Christianity in government. He believed that federal funds should be used to print copies of the bible for the public. He authored "Memorial and Remonstrance Against Religious Assessments," which discouraged the use of religious tests for…show more content…
James Madison’s presidency changed and shaped a country for the absolute best. Among the achievements for this country he also married the love of his life. Her named was Dorothea Dandling Payne Todd, otherwise known as Dolley. Dolley was a widower with a Quaker background. She was expelled from the Quaker church for marrying Madison who was an Episcopalian. Madison was seventeen years older than Dolley when they married. They were married on September 14, 1794. The couple sadly didn’t have any children of their own. Dolley however, did have a son from her past marriage. John Payne Todd was his name and sadly he was at school more than he was at home. By the end of Madison’s second term in office John Payne had proven to be a disappointment. He was witless and spent most of his time consuming alcohol and paying lower class women for sex. He spent his money foolishly and couldn’t keep a dime to his name. Madison and Dolley where very disappointed. Even though they had tried they’re hardest with they’re son they always felt a little broken hearted about how to situation had turned out. They somehow believed that it might have been they’re faults but Madison and Dolley did everything they could have

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