What Are Huck Finn's Flaws In Human Nature

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Throughout his adventure with Jim along the river, Huck encounters many different people and passes through many different places, gaining a new experience each time. From these experiences he gains, Huck realizes the several flaws in society and in human nature. One of these flaws is human gullibility. In his adventure, Huck finds himself in several troublesome situations, and in each dilemma, he takes on a false identity to get through it. While it is good that most of the people does not see through his lies, Huck comes to realize how gullible people are and how easily they can be taken advantage of. This realization is proven true when Huck lives with the Duke and the King, con artists who take advantage of people’s gullibility for personal gain. Although humans are the most intelligent animals on earth, they can still…show more content…
Huck learns this from his experiences with the Grangerfords. When a ship destroys his raft, Huck stays with the Grangerfords, a proud, aristocratic family from the South. While they are very wealthy and aristocratic, Huck chooses to leave to resume his life on the raft with Jim. But Huck’s decision to leave is not because of the people themselves, but because of the blood feud between the Grangerfords and the Shepherdsons. This blood feud took many lives from both families, but neither the Grangerfords nor the Shepherdsons know “what the row was about in the first place” (pg. 100). They both shoot obliviously to protect their pride and honor. While both sides respect one another, they still kill each other for an unknown reason. Huck cannot see the logic in the feud, but only people being killed and the sadness it brings to the families. Instead of living in a society where people kill each other only to protect their pride and honor, Huck would rather live in a raft, away from society, where one feels “mighty free and easy and comfortable” (pg.
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