What Are Hcs 405 Reporting Practices And Ethics

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Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper HCS 405 February 11, 2013 Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper In the reporting of the practice and the ethics it can be a part of today’s companies and in the health care area everywhere. As one can see that every company ethics are good in working hand-in-hand with each other. Of the health care business keeping good records are the most important thing to keep on the patient needs and making sure reporting all of the profits of the business that needs to be provided that makes the finance department important in the health care…show more content…
General Accepted Accounting Principles is managed by the Financial Accounting Standard Board (FSAB) also the International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) it does offer the same and the comparable standard and goes everywhere in the world (2011 Art Branch Inc). Corporate compliance, ethics or fraud and abuse As we can see when dealing with the accounting and the finance people in the management area the management team is required to help out the people in the public, and their area of the business to help and to serve the business and then to make sure that the employees have the biggest standard and conduct themselves in the ethical way and to conduct themselves in a right way and in a business and a professional way (HFMA Board of Directors, 2011). The four elements of financial

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