What Are Gatt's Negotiate An Executive Agreement With Caspiana

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2. The president has negotiated an executive agreement with Caspiana. An executive agreement gives the president power to enter executive branch of the government into agreement with a foreign state without senate ratification. A challenge by a member of congress would not be successful. This is because such an act would be considered as an executive agreement and the president acted within his constitutional authority. When the president acts pursuant to authority from Congress he is exercising his delegated power. When a president enters into an executive agreement, the agreement is valid and has the effect of binding law. The president can utilize Section 121 of the Foreign Relations Law that provides the president to make an executive agreement. The president can utilize military action in such an action. 3. Yes the bill would violate the American obligations pursuant to the GATT because GATT says that one nation will not take unilateral retaliatory action against another nation in a trade dispute. GATT’s primary…show more content…
The most important factor to take into consideration is the origin that has to pass the substantial transformation test, which states that the country of origin is based on the country in which the “article last underwent a substantial transformation.” The Substantial Transformation test includes the value added test and the name, character, or use test. The idea behind the substantial test is whether the objects are completely transformed into a new product. The name character or use testis if the article has a new name upon finished being changed. The different parts were manufactured in China and then put together in Mexico. The parts of the planes should have been stamped with China. The plane is basically an engine and wings which are both made in China while the whole product was put together in Mexico. The JEC, CAAS and SAC if they tried to appeal the decision they would not win as the rules state they would have to make a new
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